Fluoride Treatment

Keeping Patients Cavity-Free

When you and your family members visit Bal Dental Centre in Scarborough regularly, you know you can rely on our dentists and team members to help you maintain your healthiest smile at every stage of dental development. In addition to the American Dental Association recommended six month dental checkups and teeth cleanings, we also utilize a number of other preventive dentistry techniques, including professional fluoride treatment, in our Scarborough, ON dental office. Whether it’s been six months, six years, or longer since your last dental appointment, call our team to schedule a preventive dentistry appointment at the Bal Dental Centre to get started down the road toward a lifetime of healthy smiles.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. When consumed in the form of food, nutritional supplements, or tap water during dental development, this mineral helps promote the development of strong, healthy teeth for children. Most kids get the fluoride they need from tap water, but if your child doesn’t drink tap water or shows signs of weakening tooth enamel, we may recommend fluoride supplements or other preventive treatments to ensure kids receive adequate fluoride. After teeth erupt, topical fluoride is necessary to maintain tooth enamel strength and health. For many, this simply means brushing teeth each day with a fluoridated toothpaste. For others, this can involve professional fluoride applications during six month checkups.

How Does it Help Teeth?

Fluoride itself can fuse with tooth enamel helping to rebuild or re-mineralize teeth that are lost through the consumption of acidic foods and beverages and the production of decay-causing plaque. Additionally, fluoride attracts other minerals that also strengthen teeth. Regular use of topical fluoride can help to prevent decay and keep teeth strong and healthy.

Isn’t there Already Fluoride in My Toothpaste?

Most toothpastes and mouthwashes are fluoridated, and while many adults and children receive adequate fluoride from their daily oral hygiene routine, others can improve their oral health dramatically with professional fluoride applications. We often recommend fluoride treatments as part of a children’s dentistry plan to ensure kids are developing and maintaining their healthiest smiles. While fluoride treatment is frequently encouraged for kids, it’s also an effective treatment for adults who are struggling with chronic tooth decay, dental sensitivity, or excessive enamel wear.

What are the Benefits of Professional Fluoride Treatment?

The most important benefit of fluoride treatment is the dramatically decreased risk for tooth decay. Studies indicated that kids who receive fluoride treatments during their dental checkups are more than 40% less likely to have cavities. For those patients who struggle with dental sensitivity, regular fluoride treatments can mean a more comfortable life. The research is still ongoing, but many dental researchers believe that fluoride may be the key to not just preventing tooth decay but actually rebuilding teeth that have been weakened by plaque.