Root Canals

Relieving Your Dental Pain While Saving Your Tooth

Root canals often get a bad rap, but this treatment is an incredibly vital service because it can save your tooth when nothing else can. At Bal Dental Centre, we are committed to providing our patients with high quality care, which is why we offer root canal therapy in Scarborough. With this treatment, we can get you out of pain in the time you need it most. Dr. Gus Bal and his team are experienced in treating patients comfortably and effectively. Keep reading to learn more about root canal therapy and why you may need it.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

Your teeth actually have multiple layers, and you’re probably very familiar with the outermost one: enamel. Underneath it is a layer of something called dentin, and within that lies the inner chamber of your tooth which houses the dental pulp. This pulp consists of numerous blood vessels as well as the sensitive nerve of the tooth. When the pulp is exposed to bacteria, whether because of decay or dental trauma, it can infect the nerve and cause a tremendous amount of dental pain. In order to relieve it, Dr. Bal will need to perform root canal therapy, which is a straightforward procedure where the infected tissue is removed.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Once we have determined that a root canal is needed, we will numb the area around your tooth and ensure that you’re comfortable. First, we will create a small access hole in your tooth to remove the damaged and decayed tissue. After we clean the inside of your tooth and root canals of any debris, we will fill your tooth with a strong material called gutta percha. This biocompatible material supports the inside of your tooth to help strengthen it for the future. Lastly, we will fill the area or place a crown on top to protect your smile down the road.

Once the procedure is over, there are a few days where you may feel some soreness. However, this is completely normal, and it will subside momentarily. If it seems like your discomfort is growing worse after the first few days, call our office to see an emergency dentist in Scarborough right away. 

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Root Canals

Thanks to modern dental techniques, including local anesthetic and sedation dentistry, this often-feared procedure is now no more painful than getting a small filling. Often, the pain associated with root canal therapy stems from the initial infection and not the treatment itself. More importantly, root canal therapy gives us a way to safely remove decayed and damaged tissue while keeping your tooth intact. The most discomfort that patients experience during this procedure is very slight soreness afterwards, which can be easily managed by over the counter pain medication. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, call our office today! Our friendly staff and expert dentists are ready to provide quality care.